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Become a great dancer
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New Dancers as well as Seasoned Dancers too

This is the home for the new dancers and for the Intermediate-Advanced dancers as well. Welcome to your new home! 
We encourage, respect, and honor all of you.

Pioneering Your Dancing

Each step as well as the connecting steps are explained in detail, providing you with a better understanding of how to do it AND we added some bonus material for you to up your “dance street cred.”

This is not the same stuff you’ll find on YouTube.
No fluff or fillers here.

Created by a Dancer

Your Dance Studio was built on updating the old teaching, outdated dance steps from the ballroom style.

The new Salsa dance has the backbone of a small but complete group of Essential steps that will give you the social status you are looking for.

No more “Cuban Back Breaks” but say hello to “Back Pass”.

Design Your Dance Repertoire

Season dancers, It is time to incorporates your unique style of dancing to modern steps by blending what you already know with something new.

Even though all the videos are arranged in numeric order to follow a natural progression leading to faster results, you will always have access to pick and choose what you want to learn to get the social dance status you deserve.​

Simple Learning

Our salsa dancing lessons have the inner workings of all the steps, explained in more detail, providing you with a better understanding of any step.

Plus, there will be an added bonus to help you spice up your dancing. To start, just press play on the first video lesson.

Each lesson builds on the previous, making learning easy.
That simple!

A small preview to a bigger library

A library of steps that have been crafted to maximize each of the essential steps needed for dancing.
These include steps like “U go I go”, “Thai Chi” to help you master your Right Turn.

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Nothing to lose but everything to gain

Kind Words From My Private Clients

Ricardo is a master teacher who builds incrementally on each skill he gives so that your foundation is solid. He does this in such a positive and supportive manner that you feel secure as you grow in dance competence and beauty.

By far, he’s the best kept secret in Latin dance in Atlanta!
Lylah L