Is it finally time to become a great dancer on your own terms!

Learn Smarter, Not Harder.

We’ve helped over hundreds of people to become better dancers. In this membership, you will learn that Less is more. The videos will have just the count, nothing else for your convenience. Our video lessons will help you with:

  • How to get where you want to be faster than I did when I started dancing.
  • Avoid all the unnecessary information to prevent you from the pitfall I’ve learned the hard way.
  • This one is simple, keep your eyes on the prize and avoid any distractions.

Well, with 20+ years of social dancing, more than 15 years of teaching people how to dance and few hundred members to date, I see the proof all around us.

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Instructor for online dance

Hey, we are Ricardo and Roxana and we are going to help you with your dancing need.

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A growing library of steps that have been crafted to maximize your dancing experience.
New videos added every month.

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Each week you'll create a plan to determine how many steps you want to learn. Ideally, you want to concentrate 2 steps each week.

Learn faster to dance workbook

Road Map

Create a progressive plan that works for you to help you toward success.

Invest in your dance future

On Demand videos, dance articles to support you to make dance better. Tailored videos and blog articles by us to you.

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Not really. You can be an empty canvas getting ready to turn it into a master piece.

The videos are created to guide you into your journey of dancing. 

The best part of this, is that you have total control on the how you want to get there.

We have short videos that complement your busy life.

Yup, absolutely. These video lessons can be a supplement to your in-person classes.

Remember, not 2 persons can see the world the same way. So, there’s nothing like having an arsenal of lessons available to you whenever you want to practice or to learn a different technique or just to learn a different way to do the same step.

The in-person classes after they are finished, often you don’t have detailed step-by-step breakdowns so it’s easy to forget things if you don’t practice right away. But online lessons serve as an excellent source because you can watch always, anytime and anywhere.

To make the most of this membership, you should have know how to dance or being an intermediate or advanced dancer. If you’re entirely new to dancing, you check out our other membership to get started.

How long it takes someone to become a good dancer depends on your natural ability and how often you practice.

It normally takes at least anywhere from six months to a year, but the benefits of learning how to be a good dancer will last a lifetime!

Factors like: previous dance experience, number of hours practiced, or the exposure to Salsa Music – Dancing will determine your desired outcome.

The choice is your.

You can use any mayor credit cards like VISA, Master Card, Discover, or American Express. Your can also use your debit card.

All prices above include unlimited access to all video library within your subscription.