We LOVE our students

Here what our awesome hard working students have to say about us


I have been dancing salsa for several years, but found my level of dance had reached a plateau. I thought that if I would go out and social dance more often I would break through this ceiling, but in essence I was reinforcing many of the bad habits I have developed over the years. A friend of mine who I have danced with socially, recommended I take a few private lessons from her instructor. She stated, “He will straighten out your flaws and will make you a better dancer.”

Needless to say, I took her advice and met with Ricardo Romero. I like the fact the Ricardo bases his approach to instruction based on your current level of mastery. He stresses the importance of being intentional and being clear with your lead. He was able to clearly diagnose the source of years of bad habits have developed and the best practices to make corrections needed to enhance my level of dance.

I have noticed that my lead has become stronger and clearer. I ask for feedback from follows when social dancing, and the responses have indicated a noticeable level of improvement in regards to my ability to be clearer and intentional with my lead. This has had a direct correlation on my level of confidence when on the dance floor, and has sparked a desire to continue to grow and improve.

Ricardo is an awesome teacher who displays a level of professionalism and patience to make his students feel comfortable. I have learned a great deal from Ricardo’s instruction, and I look forward to continuing my growth in dance under his instruction. Regardless of your current level of dance, Ricardo is the person who can drastically improve your quality of dance.


The previous year had been a tough one.  I had recently moved back to Atlanta with my daughter. I was faced with starting my life over at age 50. I heard about Ricardo through a long-time friend who was already a student of his. My friend knew I had always wanted to dance and spoke very highly of Ricardo.

It was important to me to go to an instructor who I could trust. Learning something new can make you feel very vulnerable but, Ricardo made me feel at ease and comfortable. Ricardo is knowledgeable, professional, kind, and very patient!

Taking salsa lessons from Ricardo has been a very bright spot during this past year. It has been a fun challenge to learn something new. It has given me something to look forward to each week, and given me some confidence. I am very grateful to have found such a kind instructor and would highly recommend him!


All through my twenties, I would go to Latin dance clubs and admire the dancers, wishing I could dance Salsa too.

I looked into taking lessons a few times but I wasn’t sure that I could do it. Luckily I met Ricardo and began taking lessons from him. His program is easy to follow because it makes sense.

Now I am 10 months into the program and I cannot believe how far I’ve come! Learning how to dance Salsa has really helped improve my self confidence!


I had never been on a dance floor before meeting Ricardo. He taught me the basics and from there we worked our way up the ladder.

Ricardo was very patient and encouraging along the way. He cares about his students and he helped me to do something I would not have thought possible.


It’s hard for me to find words to describe Ricardo as a salsa instructor because he is just so good at it. I’ve taken salsa lessons on and off since 1999 and Ricardo is by far the best.

Ricardo has the uncanny ability to assess where you are as a dancer and custom fit a plan just for you. What I like most of all is that he teaches moves and not choreographed routines. Believe me, you’ll thank him later.

So, if you would like to be a solid salsa dancer, take Ricardo’s class. You might even get a special bonus, a friend for life.


Ricardo is a master teacher who builds incrementally on each skill he gives so that your foundation is solid. He does this in such a positive and supportive manner that you feel secure as you grow in dance competence and beauty.

By far, he’s the best kept secret in Latin dance in Atlanta!


I have taken a few classes from Good Dancers but with no disrespect they were not Great Instructors to lead me to what I wanted. Here, my instructors Ricardo & Roxana are not only Passionate about dancing but also teaching you to dance.

Pulling your Passion and Desires out of you which are important ingredients for becoming a Great Dancer. Ricardo & Roxana teaches you the Small things that allows you to also become Confident & Elegant!

They teach you to THINK & SEE ahead allowing you  the ability to extract moves from the Greatest and Create your Own Style in a short Period of Time. I Truly ENJOY Learning to Be the Best Dancer I can be from you all. THANK YOU!!!!!

Kristen Y

Ricardo is a gifted instructor who is committed to your development as a dancer. As an adult beginner with no dance background, I spent more than a year of frustration trying group classes and private lesson without any progress.

Once I started taking lessons with Ricardo, my enjoyment of Latin dance and my skills steadily grew. I have been taking lessons as a couple and individually for several years.

His teaching builds a solid foundation of essential dance skills, plays to your strengths and coaches you for consistent improvement. He’s always prepared with a lesson plan specifically and uniquely tailored to you.

Lessons with Ricardo are a delightful opportunity to reach your full potential as a dancer!