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Dance Classes: 5 Reasons To Try it [ Latin ]

The beat. The vibe. The romance and the spice of it. There’s really nothing like the allure of Salsa dancing. If you’ve long been interested in taking Latin dance classes, here are more reasons for you to finally give it a try.

To meet people with dance classes

Numero 1: Meet new people at Dance Classes.

When I decided to take dance classes near me and go to Salsa clubs, I saw that the Salsa community is open and very friendly, plus you don’t need a partner to start learning Salsa! There are plenty of guys or girls around to dance with, and you usually switch partners about every two or three consecutive songs.

Latin dance lessons are indeed a great way to meet new people because you already have a common interest, and the fact that you are dancing face-to-face means you have no choice but to start a conversation. It’s better to save this for after the dance, not while you’re dancing. If you regularly attend dance classes or go to a nightclub, you will soon see the same faces week after week.

Before you know it, you will begin to make new friends. How cool is that!

To increase your confidence at Salsa dancing

Numero 2: Increase your confidence at Salsa dancing.

Salsa dancing is sexy and fun! When you learn new steps, you will be filled with a newfound confidence. So, be present at your dance classes.

Ladies, you’ll have the opportunity to express your emotions through movement. When you are moving your body, you cannot help but feel sexy and sensual.  Again, what’s wrong with that?! Enjoy having a place and time to develop and show your sensuality.

Gentlemen, you’ll surely enjoy the sense of satisfaction you’ll feel whenever you learn a new step. Don’t hesitate to show it through a big smile and your eagerness to do it on the dance floor. This will give you the confidence to dance all night long.

Salsa music is exhilarating, uplifting, and it creates happy feelings and around you, o alcohol required…  trust me, I know from experience.

To improve your health

Numero 3: Improve your health.

Perhaps one of the best reasons to learn Salsa is that it is good for your health! Salsa dancing is a great cardio exercise and helps you stay active. Let’s face it: Spending a couple of hours dancing is way more fun and more manageable than busting your butt on a treadmill for an hour! I’m not a doctor here but I read that you can burn 400 to 500 calories per hour while dancing.

You know what that means: dancing can help you  lose weight, tone up, and become more flexible all at the same time. Who knew?

You will also find that dancing will help improve your balance, correct your posture, and increase circulation. Over time, you will also begin to speed up your metabolism, so you’ll have more energy throughout the day.

All of these benefits mean that you will experience improvements in your overall health.

To improve balance, motion and memory with dance classes

Numero 4: Improve balance, motion and memory.

I did some research and I wanted to share my findings with you:

The New England Journal of Medicine revealed in a study that the risk of developing dementia in elderly people can be significantly reduced simply by dancing frequently.

A Psychology Today post explained that dancing blends cerebral and cognitive thought processes with muscle memory and proprioception, which is good for brain health. All those changing rhythmic movements require you to keep your balance, and the more you practice, the better.

Psychology Today cited a study that found that dancing may improve balance and make you less dizzy, if that’s an issue for you. The more moves you make with your arms, legs and torso, the greater improvement in your range of motion. Dancing literally makes you feel better, since it can help you reach and stride with comfort. And as you get older, dancing is a fun way to continue to engage in health-boosting physical activity.

To make you feel happier

Numero 5: Be happier!.

Dancing  releases endorphins in your brain. This hormone makes you feel happier and more energetic. The effect can be so profound that it can actually help people struggling with depression or anxiety.

See proof when you attend your first Salsa dance class. Everyone will be smiling. The music is upbeat, the atmosphere is great, and the people are all happy. Happiness is infectious. It’s really difficult not to smile when you love the music and give your body permission to move to it. The more you do something you enjoy, the less you will stress out about things that are out of your control. And that makes you happier!

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