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5 Inspiring Quotes That Will Propel Your Dancing Skills

This might sound a little sad to you, but I never heard inspiring quotes growing up in Honduras.
I was introduced to inspiring quotes here in the USA. When I started to dance and became good at it, one of the hardest things for me to do then, and I am pretty sure it is for you too now, is to rise above the noise, being unique matters. So I gathered five inspirational quotes that will empower your success with your dancing.

Regardless of your level of dancing, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced dancer, there is no substitute for hard work to achieve dancing your best with your unique persona. Believe it or not, I have heard inspiring quotes for men, but these are my favorite inspiring quotes for success that I use all the time with my students.

I have heard this statement, and I’m pretty sure you have as well, “The most successful organizations out there are powered not just by thinkers, but by doers and makers.”

Knowing a handful of dance steps has become the new normal, meaning that individuals can feel good about just doing a few steps. They think they are masters of dancing with a perfect lead or a steady, accurate follow as the only necessity for good dancing. And yet they resist change or innovation.

Being versatile is the common denominator in the triumphs of being the kind of dancer that is memorable, who separates themselves from the ordinary with new dance steps, or has unique styling with a clean lead or follow. These are the elements that shape your entire look on the dance floor. Someone needs to create inspiring quotes around this, just saying 🙂

So, let’s get started with my top five inspiring quotes…

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1.An Inspirational Quote About Turning Your Desire into Mastery

“Quality of practice is better than the quantity of practice.” – Ricardo R

I often hear that practice makes perfect, or even a permanent change. Have you heard this expression before, too? I know you have from time to time. I believed that quote until I became the person that I am today, and to be more specific, the dancer that I am now. This is one of my favorite inspiring quotes for success because it is not only applicable for dancing, but things in general. If you want to learn a new language, to cook, or to sing, this is just perfect for it.

The thing is that you could practice something for the sake of practicing. It is only logical to assume that you will be good at that thing, right?

But, allow me to illustrate the following: Someone showed you a cool dance pattern. You learned how to do it and took time to practice this cool pattern lots of times until you felt like you could do it with your eyes closed. Then someone else saw what you did and asked you to teach them that move. Did you show how it is done, or did you explain the components of the dance pattern and the reasons why each step functions so well when the pattern takes place?

See, this is why this particular inspiring quote is so powerful. The quality of practice ensures the understanding of what you are practicing by means of the mechanical part of the steps. This includes your weight transfer as you use your body and hands to lead, and the self-awareness of your surroundings in regards to your lead or follow.

The knowing and understanding of all these elements will give you a better quality of practice rather than just practicing for the sake of practicing like a robot… In other words, practice intentionally with purpose in mind. 

I use these really inspiring quotes as the backbone of my teaching with all my students. To become a memorable dancer, this is something you need to apply every time you are learning something new in your life or on the dance floor.

2.An Inspiring Quote About YOUR Road to Success

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” – Chris Grosser

If not you, then who? As a person who wants to learn how to dance, or if you have been dancing before but you still want to improve, opportunity doesn’t come to you as you think. You have to go in to get them. You create them.

If you want to see how far you have become as a dancer, you have to dance with people who are far more experienced than you. I find this inspiring quote holds true to its meaning. Let me explain…

Back in the late ’90s, I wanted to challenge myself and find out if what I had learned as a dance instructor (from the Ballroom arena) would put me at the top of the game in relation to my social peers at the time.

Personally, I wanted to see if I could flawlessly lead this lady that was a professional performer at that time. She was so good the people felt intimidated by her natural execution of dancing. They would not dare to ask her for a dance. These are the people who had been dancing way more than me and had been the dancing game for a long time.

So, I asked her for a dance. I wanted to find out about myself and what I was made of… I learned an amazing lesson that day as I was dancing with that awesome lady. The lesson I learned was about being confident on the dance floor.

After dancing with her, she smiled and said to me, “You have such mellow but intuitive leading skill, precise and yet subtle,” as I escorted out off the dance floor. I remember this like it was yesterday.

If you want to create better opportunity for yourself, never, and I mean never, stop asking important questions like:

If you have the right attitude and mindset, greatness is closer than you think. Now, do you see why I love this inspiring quote so much?

3.The Invisible Power of Inspiring Quotes

“Most people fail not because of a lack of desire but because of a lack of commitment.” – Vince Lombardi

Becoming a dancer is not possible in a single day. Learning to dance is a journey and, depending on how good you want to become, that journey might take a long time because there’s always something new to learn.

This journey is sometimes plagued with small and big roadblocks. To make it, it might not be easy for you to become the dancer you want to be.

The reality is that YOU need to treat setbacks as part of the journey and to embrace them because when you do, you’ll be able to use those negative experiences to strengthen your determination and to refocus your energy. Then you can see your vision of being an awesome dancer take shape. These inspirational quotes are just perfect to keep you on track.

The word ‘commitment’ is a powerful word that produces a powerful result when you’re committed to your dream. Commit to your desire to be the best dancer and you will come to be one if you are willing to put in the time and to do the work. Learn to use inspiring quotes like this one to shine light on your cloudy days. It worked for me when I was having one of those cloudy days.

4.Don’t wait for the perfect moment to start

“If you’ve got the desire to dance, start today. There’s no better time than now to get going.”- Ricardo R

Here is another inspirational quote from the big array of inspirational quotes I think about a lot when it is time for me to do something new. I am going to share with you something I realized in my early 20’s.

When I was in my early 20’s, I used to believe that it had to be the right time to get the thing I wanted in life. My older brother used to tell me, “There’s no better time to start something than today.” I listened to his message but it took a few more years to come to realize that, in fact, he was right. This is an inspiring quote to live by, plain and simple.

Now, every time I am out dancing and someone new approaches me about learning to dance, my immediate response is almost always, “Why not try it now instead of just thinking about it?”

There doesn’t need to be anything special about today to make it “the day.” No one’s going to send you an invitation to get started either, but you should take your first group or private lesson, dance your first song with your new dance friend, and take the time to practice your first dance step. By taking those first small steps, you will make your future self look back on today’s endeavors with gratitude and happiness of accomplishment.

5.Inspirational Quote About The Potency of the Mindset

“Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.”- Zig Ziglar

This is another inspirational quote that dominates my personal life that I would like to tell you about. As I’ve gotten older and have been teaching for so many years, it has become really easy for me to share this statement with my students and friends. The key to achieving success often lies within our own hearts, minds, and commitments.

It’s important to realize that things like fears, hang-ups, second-guesses, and hesitations are perfectly natural reactions, especially when it comes to the day-to-day things like dancing.

I also know, just like you do, that this is easier said than done, but positioning yourself for success, instead of self-doubt, will end up paying off in the long run. So, next time you find yourself thinking “I cannot,” ask yourself one simple question, “But, what if I can?”

I have learned in my life that asking the right question will always give you the right answer.

6.In Conclusion

These are some of the inspirational quotes I use to grow as an individual and as a dancer. These five inspirational quotes can be used in your life in general, and I feel confident that they will improve your dancing, to be more specific. They have helped me in my life big time, and are helping my students as well.

The simple truth is that without the commitment, perseverance, ambition, and, most importantly, trust in oneself, the idea of becoming an awesome dancer wouldn’t be possible. The real questions are…

As I mentioned before, great questions will give you great answers. Leverage the invisible power of inspirational quotes in your dancing and personal life, like I do. See you in the next article.

Happy Dancing

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