The Connecting Steps Course

Discover how to connect your patterns, sequences or dance moves with this small but powerful group of Connecting Step. The Connecting Steps Course not only shows you how to be a smooth dancer like a pro – but how to get you in the right position to lead  multiple different combos or patterns.

It is time to give yourself the opportunity to explore a new world of dancing.

This is a right fit if you are:

the beginer student that is a little tired of being confined to an small group of dance steps but he is fully aware you’re capable to do so much more

someone who is beyond ready to take your dance skill to the next level and isn't afraid of a little hard work and knows that there's no “right time” to get started

By the end of this program you will have:

Leverage your course content

even if you think that you need more steps to learn under your belt to focus on this right now

Nailed down your video course

stop spending yet another year just thinking about what's missing, learn today the way to create a new way to connect what you already know

Validated your first connecting step

before playing your first lesson, make sure you have a ' clear head ' and see how many steps can be added naturally as you do it

But above all else…

The Connecting Step course will give you the confidence to create, consistently, new ways to utilize what you already learned in your dancing. 
Have the freedom to choose what you want to work with and what you focus on.

Hey, learn with me!

I Am Ricardo Romero.

Never having danced before to any kind of music, I met a new friend from my country and was introduced to the new world of Latin Dance. It was here where I learned how to Salsa dance and shortly after I became a Ballroom Dance Instructor from Arthur Murray Dance Center.

For the past 15 years, I’ve helped hundreds of students to learn to Salsa dance. It is my mission to provide individuals, as well as couples, with this wonderful skill of dancing.