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When we are talking about salsa dancing The Essential Series program is the heart of dancing and without it you won’t be able to get to the level you seek to dance.  It is guaranteed that when you have completed this program, YOU WILL know how to dance in an intermediate level.

This series is complete with everything you’ll need from right, left, inside and outside turns. Concepts such as directional motion, weight transfer, two /single and crossed hands hold, just to mention some of them, will be introduced in this program. You’ll acquire a solid foundation to your salsa dancing need.

These are the building blocks needed to become a great dancer and especially if you are thinking about performing later on in your salsa dancing journey

Essential Series

The Next Step Series

Once you finish the Essential Series, you will have a clear understanding of the building blocks of salsa dancing. Now that the foundation is complete, it’s time to “build the house” in the Next Step Series. I am using this metaphor to illustrate the importance of having a solid foundation upon which “the house”  is built, so it will last you as long as you want.

This series will have sequences, which will reinforce the essentials, and leave you with the ability to apply new ways to lead or follow. In addition, you will have access to the connecting steps. After learning how to connect any steps, the term for leading and following take a whole new outlook in your dancing.

You, the leader, will gain the knowledge on how to move from one step to the other with ease. This is the natural result of the The Next Step Series

Next Step Series is definitely where all the real fun begins!

After completing both the Essentials Series and the Next Step Series, your house is built upon a solid foundation and now you are ready to move in with the Final Frontier Series. This is the part where you work on the design and the finishing touches to make your salsa dancing even more enjoyable. The key elements of the Final Frontier Series are all about the control and precise execution of everything you have learned.

Leading by motion instead of stepping is one of the core concept in The Final Frontier. You’ll learn that ‘less is more’ sort of speak. You’ll learn how to use your body frame to lead hard change position of the follower. You will have the ability to manipulate all the components of dancing in order to create new-found inspiration and make it your own.

This is where YOU get to really shine and enjoy all aspects of Salsa dancing.

The Final Frontier Series