Learn Salsa.

Elevate your dancing potential to a
whole new level with our online salsa videos.

Dance Salsa.


Elevate your dancing potential to a
whole new level with our online salsa videos.



is real

When it comes to dancing, the struggle is real. Before you start thinking about dancing Salsa, there’s a lot to figure out.
How long is going to take for me to learn how to dance?
Do I need to learn On 1 or On2?
What is the best way to learn to dance?
Where can I get all the steps that I need in one place?
Which one should I learn to dance first: Salsa or Bachata?
Is learning online better than going to a physical studio?

Your Dance Studio method.

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What you'll get from us

We teach from experience. We will show you the simple but efficient frameworks we use with our student so you can achieve your personal goals and take your dancing to the next level… Super Fast!

Learn on your terms, but never alone. Our online courses will give you the freedom to learn on your schedule, from anywhere, and track your progress.

Our goal is to help you find a better way to use your time. That simple!

What you'll get to do for you


Having step by step video lessons for a beginner is a game changer if you want to become an intermediate dancer but if you have some previous training under your belt, this is for you as well – we got you covered.

Reach your desire to dance with Learn To Dance Course or any other of our Courses. Be amazed of how little you need to know in order to start Salsa dancing right away.

With Under 2 Minutes Membership, you will learn that Less is more. The videos will have just the count, nothing else for your convenience. All seasoned dancers are welcome here.

Your Dance Studio is the studio that moves with you. 



Your Dance Studio moves with you always!

Take any of the online Salsa courses anytime, and watch any of our virtual salsa classes anywhere on your desktop, mobile device, or tablet. Your choice.

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Dance education resources for YOU dancers.

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Dance Techniques

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